Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hurricane Preparedness...Are You Ready?

As the summer continues to heat up in August and September, hurricane season enters into it's more volatile months.  Are you and your family prepared if a major storm heads our way?  Do you have an evacuation plan? If not evacuating, are you prepared to spend several days without electricity or water?  We all need to prepare, especially when there is no storm in the Gulf.  Follow these steps to prepare you and your family for a hurricane.

1.    Determine your risk—Do you live in a low lying area for flooding?

2.   Develop an evacuation plan—When to leave and where to go.

3.   Secure an insurance check up—Are you covered?

4.   Assemble disaster supplies—If not evacuating, gather supplies to remain safely in your home.

5.   Prepare your home—Secure patio furniture and outdoor tools.

Please visit for tips on how to prepare you and your family for hurricane season.

Touching Hearts Senior Care updates and reviews our Emergency Preparedness Procedures every year and our goal is to ensure our clients and their families are prepared and safe in the event of a disaster.  Visit our website for more information about our services.

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