Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hurricane Preparedness...Are You Ready?

As the summer continues to heat up in August and September, hurricane season enters into it's more volatile months.  Are you and your family prepared if a major storm heads our way?  Do you have an evacuation plan? If not evacuating, are you prepared to spend several days without electricity or water?  We all need to prepare, especially when there is no storm in the Gulf.  Follow these steps to prepare you and your family for a hurricane.

1.    Determine your risk—Do you live in a low lying area for flooding?

2.   Develop an evacuation plan—When to leave and where to go.

3.   Secure an insurance check up—Are you covered?

4.   Assemble disaster supplies—If not evacuating, gather supplies to remain safely in your home.

5.   Prepare your home—Secure patio furniture and outdoor tools.

Please visit for tips on how to prepare you and your family for hurricane season.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Awesome Healthy Snacks that Aren't Veggies

The Best Weight Loss Snacks That Aren’t Veggies

1.      Dark Chocolate—Studies show intense flavors like cocoa can tire out taste buds so you feel satisfied faster.

2.     Black or Green Olives—Chewy, briny olives are deeply flavorful and 5 set you back only 20 calories.

3.     Roasted Chickpeas—They deliver all the salty crunch of potato chips but with more protein and fiber.

4.     Avocado withSalsa—Researchers say the monosaturated fat in this fruit may keep you full for up to 5 hours.

5.     In Shell Pistachios—Packed with protein and healthy fat, this snack last longer, thanks to time spent shucking shells.

6.     Low fat cottage cheese with cinnamon—One cup at 28g of protein; adding cinnamon enhances dairy’s sweetness.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Favorite Foods for Healthier Living

If you are anything like me, you are often tempted to over eat and feel that satisfaction of feeling gloriously full.  While this full feeling is gratifying, it is also fleeting until the next time we are hungry.  You know the old saying, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”.  So I am here to give you a list of 10 favorite foods to eat when you are tempted to gobble down that combo meal from your favorite fast food restaurant.

1.      Watermelon—A go to food when you are craving a sweet snack.

2.     Turkey—Great for wraps and salads and a great source of lean animal protein.

3.     Eggs—Great source of protein for breakfast or any time.

4.     Greek Yogurt—This thicker higher-protein yogurt is perfect for a snack or to add tangy richness to sweet and savory recipes.

5.     Lentils—These protein and fiber packed pulses may be the most filling food you can eat.  Use them in salads, soups and wraps.

6.     Feta Cheese—While higher in calories than most foods on this list, the traditional Greek cheese has a strong flavor, which means you can use a lot less and still get a satisfying punch.

7.     Kale—Want more nutrition?  Add Kale to salads, smoothies, saut├ęs, soups and even pizza.

8.     Almonds—Keep a stash of this nuts in your car and desk.

9.     Potato Skins—Bake potatoes, scoop out their insides, then roast only the skins with olive oil and spices.  Delicious.

10.                        Chocolate Chip Cookies—A forever fun food.  Do not deny yourself chocolate. Ever.

So I am vowing to use this list and these foods to stay on track for a healthier diet and a healthier me.

Tracey Eldridge is the Community Liaison for Touching Hearts Senior Care.  For more information about Tracey, visit our website

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

3 Signs You Might Be Low in Potassium

You should know when you are low, since getting enough may protect you against heart and kidney disease.

1.  You are sluggish--If you still feel blah after plenty of shut eye, more potassium-rich foods may bring you back to life.

2.  You are prone to charley horses--All too familiar with those painful muscle spasms after tough workouts?  Excessive sweating can throw your potassium balance out of whack.

3.  Your sad desk lunch is lacking color--The broader the spectrum of the fruits and veggies in your typical meal, the more potassium you are eating without even thinking about it.

Curb cramps with potassium rich bananas and baked potatoes with the skin on.