Thursday, April 21, 2016


Definition of a caregiver—A person who provides direct care and gives help and protection to someone.

Some of us don’t really know what it really means to be a caregiver.  To put the needs of someone else before our own.  To be kind, caring and compassionate when our loved ones are in pain and unable to care for themselves.

I believe some people are called to do this kind of work.  Caregivers that are called step forward to provide care and compassion with a generous spirit and a selfless attitude. 

I am fortunate to know many of these talented caregivers who work for Touching Hearts Senior Care and they inspire me everyday knowing that they are out there caring for those in our community who need it most.

Thank a caregiver today.  None of us can know if we might need one tomorrow.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thoughts on the 2016 Dementia Conference

Last week, Gulf Coast Senior Services, a non-profit, held it's 2nd Annual Dementia Conference.  It was titled "Preparing for the Dementia Tsunami".  The conference was very well attended and those who participated took with them some great information about dementia and the effect it is having on our local families and communities.

Speaker topics include:

Evacuation Measures--Alabama Care Options for the Dementia Stricken
Giving Out the Life Rafts--Protecting Adults When They Can No Longer Protect Themselves
Buried Treasure Under the Rough Seas--Care Specialties per Different Stages of Dementia
When the Lights Go Out--Sleep to Prevent Dementia
Whether-ing the Storm--Alternative Medicine for Dementia
Joining the Emergency Response Team--Careers in Gerontology
Inflate Your Lifeboat--Dealing with Family Chaos
Rolling with the Tide--Therapy for Demented Seniors

The Dementia Conference is important for several reasons.  First, it provides education to healthcare professionals and caregivers who need to learn more about this devastating disease.  Secondly, it brings the experts together to discuss different strategies for providing support for those who are caring for their loved ones.  Thirdly, it gives us hope.  Learning new ways to care for loved one with dementia to improve their quality of life and ours is imperative for our survival.

I am proud and honored to be a part of this organization.  I believe the work they do is important.  Thank you for reading my blog.