Monday, August 14, 2017

Save Your Brain!

Did you know Alzheimer's is now called "type 3 diabetes"?

 People with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. These were the shocking results from a study published in 2013.

But there's great news. Additional research shows that controlling your blood sugar can prevent Alzheimer's disease! A study shows that half of Alzheimer's cases could be prevents by focusing on reducing even slight elevation in blood sugar.

In The Natural Way to Beat Diabetes, you'll discover how to:
  • Clear away Alzheimer's plaque: During sleep pair brain naturally cleans out substances called amyloid proteins(which are associated with Alzheimer's disease).Here's how to be sure your sleep will help your brain clear away these waste products before they cause dementia.
  • Avoid the common over-the-counter DRUG LINKED TO ALZHGEIMER'S: If you've taken allergy medicine, you should know that some of these drugs have been linked to Alzheimer's. They actually stop your brain from cleaning out amyloid proteins that lead to dementia.

By:The Natural Way to Beat Diabetes