Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Favorite Foods for Healthier Living

If you are anything like me, you are often tempted to over eat and feel that satisfaction of feeling gloriously full.  While this full feeling is gratifying, it is also fleeting until the next time we are hungry.  You know the old saying, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”.  So I am here to give you a list of 10 favorite foods to eat when you are tempted to gobble down that combo meal from your favorite fast food restaurant.

1.      Watermelon—A go to food when you are craving a sweet snack.

2.     Turkey—Great for wraps and salads and a great source of lean animal protein.

3.     Eggs—Great source of protein for breakfast or any time.

4.     Greek Yogurt—This thicker higher-protein yogurt is perfect for a snack or to add tangy richness to sweet and savory recipes.

5.     Lentils—These protein and fiber packed pulses may be the most filling food you can eat.  Use them in salads, soups and wraps.

6.     Feta Cheese—While higher in calories than most foods on this list, the traditional Greek cheese has a strong flavor, which means you can use a lot less and still get a satisfying punch.

7.     Kale—Want more nutrition?  Add Kale to salads, smoothies, sautés, soups and even pizza.

8.     Almonds—Keep a stash of this nuts in your car and desk.

9.     Potato Skins—Bake potatoes, scoop out their insides, then roast only the skins with olive oil and spices.  Delicious.

10.                        Chocolate Chip Cookies—A forever fun food.  Do not deny yourself chocolate. Ever.

So I am vowing to use this list and these foods to stay on track for a healthier diet and a healthier me.

Tracey Eldridge is the Community Liaison for Touching Hearts Senior Care.  For more information about Tracey, visit our website www.touchingheartsseniorcare.com.

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