Monday, August 1, 2016

The Future is Coming...Are You Ready?

Preparing for the Future
I met with a prospective client recently.  She is a widow who had spent 20 years collectively being a caregiver for her mother, her husband and her sister.  She is an independent woman who manages her own home and is a member of a women’s group that meets monthly.  Typically, this is not the type of person who needs caregiver services.

After talking with her, she expressed to me that she might need our services in the future with an upcoming eye surgery and possible knee replacement.  I was extremely impressed that this person has the forward thinking of what she might need for the future.  I speak with many people regarding our services and the many programs we have available.  These include caregiver services, case management services and dementia education.  So many people after hearing my presentation reply to me, “We don’t need that right now.”  As I fully understand and agree with this reply, I continue to think about how many prospective clients contact me when they are in a crisis.  They are overwhelmed by the amount of information and the decisions they have to make, all the while dealing with crisis at hand. 

I know we all hear about the importance of planning for our future.  Financial planning, insurance policies, and healthcare are all important areas to consider when we consider our quality of life in our later years.  I believe that those who address these issues before they are upon them, have a more seamless transition than those that do not.  Just some food for thought!

Tracey Eldridge is the Community Liaison for Touching Hearts Senior Care.  To contact Tracey, email

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