Thursday, July 21, 2016

Awesome Healthy Snacks that Aren't Veggies

The Best Weight Loss Snacks That Aren’t Veggies

1.      Dark Chocolate—Studies show intense flavors like cocoa can tire out taste buds so you feel satisfied faster.

2.     Black or Green Olives—Chewy, briny olives are deeply flavorful and 5 set you back only 20 calories.

3.     Roasted Chickpeas—They deliver all the salty crunch of potato chips but with more protein and fiber.

4.     Avocado withSalsa—Researchers say the monosaturated fat in this fruit may keep you full for up to 5 hours.

5.     In Shell Pistachios—Packed with protein and healthy fat, this snack last longer, thanks to time spent shucking shells.

6.     Low fat cottage cheese with cinnamon—One cup at 28g of protein; adding cinnamon enhances dairy’s sweetness.

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