Friday, March 1, 2019

Health Screenings PSA

Image result for health screeningsThere are many health dangers that could happen at a moments notice that could kill you or do significant damage to you.  Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many more scary conditions exist out there.  We all want to make sure we are in the clear, who doesn't want to make sure they're healthy after all?  It's important to get tested but there's a danger to over testing when you don't need it.  Not only is it expensive but it may have unforeseen consequences.  Places that offer free health screenings will also offer you additional screenings at cost playing on your fear of the unknown.  Your insurance could see the results of every screening you undergo, raising your risk score, ultimately increasing your insurance or preventing you from having the insurance you need for being "too high risk."  When in doubt always consult your personal physician before undergoing a series of tests.  Your doctor will be better at identifying your health risks from already knowing your medical records and family history.  They'll know that if you don't have a history of heart disease in your family that you'll be a low risk and can perform low cost, non invasive, screenings should you need that assurance.  No need getting several Xrays for conditions you would have a very low risk of developing, excess radiation comes with its own problems.  Health screenings need review from the FDA before they are available to the public, but they don't regulate how the screenings are applied, leading to companies using fear mongering to persuade you to get tests you don't need.  Don't let that discourage you from getting screenings if you truly feel that you need it, just have a bit of skepticism if a company is trying to sell you on taking more screenings than what you initially came for, and when in doubt ask your doctor for their professional opinion!

Speaking of PSA, Banks Ladd wanted us to film a PSA about Trust Planning and that is available on our YouTube Channel!

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