Friday, February 22, 2019

Identifying headaches

As we grow older, we are prone to more headaches an migraines, but what are the causes? Turns out there are many factors, and there are even causes we aren't aware of.  Here are some causes that can help you identify what you might be going through right now!

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Caffeine Withdrawal:  If you regularly consume coffee or a caffeinated beverage and didn't drink at your usual time, you might be undergoing a withdrawal headache.  These happen because your brain learns to function on caffeine and a break in its supply will throw off your equilibrium and lead to a painful ache.  You can either resume your caffeine supply to fix it, or wean yourself off with headache medication that has caffeine in it, to get your brain used to not having caffeine in its system.

Rebound Headaches:  If you regularly take OTC pain medications, your nervous system can become sensitive and make your aches and pains much worse.  You should see your physician if you are still feeling pains after taking 2-3 OTC pills per week.

Dehydration:  This one is a simple fix but is very easy to overlook.  If you aren't drinking enough water per day, ideally 16 ounces or more, your body may suffer dehydration headaches.  This is also the reason hangovers exist, alcohol dehydrates the body, and when you wake up with a splitting headache you'll need to drink plenty of water to quell it.  Most people who never get hangovers, are ones who regularly drink water with alcohol consumption.

Barometric Headache:  Changes in weather affect the atmosphere pressure, also known as Barometric Pressure.  While we don't feel it, the atmosphere around us is always exerting a pressure on us, and when the weather changes (most abruptly in thunder and lightning storms) the differentials in pressure can cause a headache.  There's not much you can do to prevent this other than take some headache pills when you feel a headache come on.

Hunger Headache:  This headache is very similar to a dehydration or caffeine headache.  When you don't eat, your body is lacking in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function.  The term "brain food" applies here, if you aren't getting nutrition, your brain isn't getting what it needs to function properly, triggering a headache.

Sleep Deprivation:  If you haven't been getting proper rest, then neither has your brain.  You need to see a sleep specialist if you consistently suffering from insomnia, or sleep apnea, as these will trigger frequent headaches.  Not only will sleep deprivation give you headaches, it will also increase your risk for heart troubles.

There are many more causes for headaches, and some of them could be signs of serious problems, so when should you see a doctor?  If you feel weak, begin to lose your vision, have balance problems, or trouble talking, you should see a doctor right away.  And if you suddenly have a headache that feels like the worst pain of your life, you may be having an aneurism, and should call 911 as soon as possible.  Sudden headaches like that can also be referred to as a "thunderclap".

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