Friday, March 8, 2019

Meet the Staff of THSC!

Hello everybody! I hope your week has gone well! Today we are going to do something a little different, here's a little bit about our hardworking staff here at THSC.

GINA GERMANY:     Mrs Gina Germany is a Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Dementia Practitioner who started Touching Hearts Senior Care back in August 1st, 2007.  Ever since then she has been making great strides in the community by providing top quality service for elderly peoples with and without dementia, and educating the community with Support Groups and her Non-Profit organization, Gulf Coast Dementia Services.  Gina loves to go biking, and has biked across the state of Oklahoma FIVE times!

Lisa Moore is the Office Coordinator at Touching Hearts Senior Care
LISA MOORE:     Lisa is the Office Administrator here at THSC.  Initially from California, Lisa came to Touching Hearts Senior Care in 2011 and worked her way to becoming the office administrator.  She enjoys many things, from cooking, drawing, yard work, music, boating, and spending time with her friends and family!

LEVI HOLL:     Levi is the Office Administrative Assistant, and Social Media Coordinator.  He has been all over the place, born in South Carolina, raised in New York only to move back to South Carolina, then moved to Alabama almost 2 years ago.  Levi is very tech oriented, usually helping out with computer issues throughout the office and in his spare time he assembles and paints 32mm scale miniatures and write comic books!

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