Tuesday, January 2, 2018


                                       January is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month!

                            How can we better "arm" ourselves against this deadly disease? Are there ways to create an arsenal of self-help tools in our homes? What really are the benefits of knowing the "triggers?" What's "normal" memory loss and "abnormal" memory loss? Here are a list of "triggers" and What's "Normal and Abnormal " memory loss.

    Normal : 1. Being able to recall the details of a conversation or event of a year ago

                    2. Occasionally forgetting appointments or names

                    3. Sometimes searching for the right word

                    4. Fretting about your memory when no one else is, including your family.

Abnormal : 1. Being able to remember the details of an event or conversation that happened last week
                    2. Forgetting things you once recalled easily

                    3. Frequently pausing to find the right word or using substitute words when the right    

                    one won't come to mind

                    4. Lack of concern about your memory while relatives or friends worry

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