Monday, January 8, 2018

I am Thankful for the New Laws to Protect Seniors in Alabama From Exploitation


                                             New Exploitation Act in Alabama for Seniors

   As of Aug 1,2017 a new law has been passed to prevent the exploitation of older adults from

 financial exploitation. This law gives enforcement an additional tool to assist victims and prevent

 further incidents of abuse. The relief for victims of  elder abuse can come too late. In the case of

physical abuse, the injury has been inflicted and the abuser may return.In financial exploitation cases,

 the money has and continues to be spent with impunity. The Elder Abuse Protection Order and

enforcement Act  provides an early intervention, a civil court order, to stop the abuse and continued

financial exploitation.

    This act is a compliment to the already strong laws we have to prosecute those who commit elder

abuse. In 2013,Alabama passed the Protecting Alabama's Elders Act. That criminal law gave law

 enforcement and prosecutors additional avenues to prosecute elder abuse ,neglect ,and financial

 exploitation-serving to punish offenders and deter future crimes. This law will provide an expedient

civil remedy to victims of elder abuse-serving to prevent further abuse and financial

exploitation. For additional information, contact Emily Marsal,General Counsel, Alabama


 of Senior Services,1-334-353-9394 or Emily T.                                    

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