Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hip Replacements and How to Prevent Them

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Modern medicine is amazing these days, we can repair parts of our bodies that fail, or even gain prosthetics that react to our own muscle movements for our lost limbs.  One modern marvel is the Hip replacement, a ceramic or metal ball and socket used to replace our own hip joint should the bone degenerate or break.  This procedure is fairly common in people over the ages of 65 (370,000 Americans each year replace their hip) and it helps correct the joint pain of a bad hip.  Unfortunately medicine isn't perfect, and at least 10% of all people who get a hip replacement have to have a 2nd procedure to repair the new joint because of mechanical failure, dislocation, or infection.  So what can we do to avoid getting a hip replacement? Exercise of course, keeping your body in peak condition is the best thing you can do to keep yourself healthy!

Below are various hip exercises you can do to build muscle strength and reduce your risk of having to replace that hip!

The Good Morning, stand with your feet spread apart slightly, then bow as far as you can or until your torso is parallel with the floor.  Keep your core braced, don't want to injure your back while you're protecting your hips!

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The Glute Bridge, lay on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, clench your glutes as you raise your hips til you form a slope.  Hold the position for a bit, then lower.

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Hip Abduction, put a resistance band around the leg of heavy furniture or a pole, and around your ankle facing that object. Spread your legs, shoulder width apart and bring the banded leg in until your ankles touch. you can also do this by putting the band around both legs, and spreading your legs.

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Keep your body healthy and strong, and you shouldn't need a hip replacement, but if you are noticing significant joint pain, go see your doctor and discuss options!!

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