Friday, January 4, 2019

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years everyone, I hope your first week of the new year is going well! Have you gotten used to writing 2019 yet? Me neither!  Man, 2018 was a crazy year full of highs and lows, one can only hope that we can make this year better than the last.

It's January so that means this month is Glaucoma Awareness month! Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 60, and is the condition where fluid pressure within your eye damages your optic nerve.  As modern medicine stands, there is currently no cure, but many treatment options are available.

There are a couple variants of Glaucoma with different symptoms, like Open Angle and Acute Angle.  Open Angle Glaucoma causes severe tunnel vision and patchy blind spots in your center or peripheral vision.  Acute Angle Glaucoma can cause eye pain, blurred vision, halo's in light sources, eye redness and severe headaches.

Unfortunately even with treatment, people with Glaucoma will still suffer from total blindness in about 15-20 years.

This year we are starting a new Evening Support Group session, on every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Come on over, its totally free, we just require an RSVP before you attend. Learn about dementia, what fellow caregivers like yourselves have to handle on a daily basis, and even about some tips on what you can do for help!

Hey Remember that I Spy Give Away? Well, we had a lot of great submissions and it took some deliberating but, I would like to Congratulate David Carpenter for winning I Spy!

It was a lot of fun and we hope to see you guys for the next giveaway when we host it!

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