Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Black Ice Safety and the I Spy Contest

It's getting colder as the year comes to a close!  While it's rare down south, ice can still form on the road.  It's very rare for a southern state to salt roads in the winter like they do in New York, so black ice has a tendency to form when the evening dew gets cold enough to freeze overnight.  Thankfully, it's usually warm enough to melt during the day, but driving in the morning is still very dangerous.  Black ice is difficult to turn or stop on, so make sure to drive slow, and slowly press on your breaks.  Give yourself enough time to slowly come to a stop at a light, stop sign, or what have you.  Pressing on your breaks too fast with result in your car skidding across the pavement, similar to hydroplaning in very rainy weather.  All too often I see people blaring down a 40mph street going 60mph, only to find them in a ditch around the corner because they had no traction.  If not for the sake of other's road safety, please drive cautiously for your own personal safety too.  It's better to be late to work than to miss days because your injured in the hospital or worse.  Be safe, and on cold days, assume all wet spots on the road are ice, or have ice.

The month has nearly come to a close! Have you spotted our Touching Hearts Senior Care Kia?  It's still not too late, keep your eye out for a Kia Soul with the Touching Hearts logo and Rosie the Bear on it, snap a photo, and upload it to our Facebook page.  The winner will be selected in December and receive a 50 dollar gift card from Outback Steakhouse! Here are some recent entries:

Photo by Lisa Moore

Photo by Latosha Rabb

Keep your eye out on our YouTube Channel this Thanksgiving! We have an extra special video we would like to share with you all!

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