Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Things to Look Out for This Holiday

Greetings everyone! As you all are aware, the Holiday Season is right around the corner!  It's the time to reconnect with family, sit down, have nice dinners and enjoy each other's company.  We all have parents and grandparents who are growing older, so we need to keep our eyes out for signs of dementia.  With 1 out of every 10 Americans over 65 developing dementia, odds are we all have a family member with it.  My grandfather slowly developed it where we didn't even notice, and then two years ago it progressed seemingly overnight.  It can't hurt to be prepared.  Pay attention to their behavior like; forgotten and unpaid bills, expired foods, slowed movement, disorganization, and worsening memory issues.  These are all signs that alone could just be forgetfulness and aging, but together and rapid progression might signify something worse, like dementia.  It can't hurt to see a neurologist, and even start preparing to bring on additional help like an in home caregiver.

Last weekend we had out Annual Employee meeting, where we all meet up, talk about Touching Hearts as a business, and our caregivers have the opportunity to vent through our support group and eat food!  Each caregiver we employ is a family member to us, and while they are taking care of peoples loved ones, we want to make sure they are cared for as well, that their concerns are aired and questions answered.  To all our caregivers, we thank you so much for all your hard work, without you all, we wouldn't be the amazing team we are today!  If you have any concerns our doors are always open, and we want to make sure you have a fantastic experience while working with us!

Last Friday a new video went up! Did you see? It's a montage of all our memories with the community! Be sure to give it a look, and if you like our videos, why not give it a like? Maybe a comment, perhaps of what you would like to see more in the future for our videos? Subscribe too if you want to continue to see more from us as we post them!

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