Monday, December 11, 2017


                          December is Dessert Month !

     What a better time to be considerate of what we put in our tummies? When we think about December we think, Christmas Pudding, fruitcake, pies of all sorts and endless sugary cookies. Well, at least I do anyway. It has come to my attention that December is also Colitis and Crohn's Awareness Month.In this time we need to take into deep consideration what we are serving at Christmas Parties to those who may be suffering from such chronic issues. I've decided to share some ideas to ease some of the suffering during this time of the year.

  1. People who suffer from these disorders should eat very little fried or greasy foods.
     2. High fiber foods such as leafy greens and nuts can be harsh to these individuals. Be mindful and cook the veggies and make sure to peel them as well. Make an offering of a fruit pie instead of one with nuts.

    3.Rather than a salad maybe a squash or green bean casserole.

    4. Say Cheers in moderation: Alcohol can be associated with chronic IBD flare-ups and may often irritate even a healthy bowel.

    5. Know yourself, but still make holiday merry with yourself :Remember what has caused problems in the past and be aware of the red flags associated with abdominal discomfort and what may bother someone else may never bother you.

    6. Be Prepared: Eye the nearest "Rest" area and be sure to have handy dandy remedies in your purse. Stay true to moderation and be careful with too much of anything. Above all else.....Merry Christmas!

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