Monday, June 12, 2017

Motivating The Mind and Waking up the Senses!


    Many of us are unaware of our now " Brain Health." There is nothing wrong with evaluating our

memories and asking ourselves questions regarding our thinking patterns. Sometimes even little

things like losing our keys or walking into a room and forgetting why we went there are triggers for

us. I believe many of us have these little "forgetful moments." In the instance that we drive to town

and forget how to get back home that becomes a major red flag for those around us.

     This is when it becomes apparent that our "Brain Health" may need evaluation or that we should

begin to re- think our overall health. Sometimes a simple yearly check-up or revamping our diets and

eating cleaner and greener can wake up our brains and refresh our senses. Just remember new are

never too young or too old to start to think about our "Brain Health."

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