Thursday, December 29, 2016

Eat This Way and Avoid Alzheimer’s

Prevention Magazine, July 2015


People who tried the new scientist-designed MIND diet lowered their risk of Alzheimer’s by 53%.  Eat this many weekly servings of the following nine foods.

Whole Grains (21)

Packed with fiber to fuel a productive brain.  Aim for 3 servings a day.

Berries (2)

Thanks to their flavonols, they’re the only fruit that can slow brain decline.

Beans (3)

Plenty of fiber, plus low-fat protein for growing brain cells.

Leafy Greens (6)

Full of antioxidants and carotenoids to protect gray matter.

Poultry (2)

Delivering dementia-preventing B vitamins and low-fat protein.

Nuts (5)

Rich in vitamin E, which has been shown to lower risk of Alzheimer’s.

Other Vegetables (7)

Packed with plant-based antioxidant power.

Fish (1)

Rich in brain-cell-fortifying omega-3 fatty acids.

Wine (7)

Alcohol reduces dementia risk. Stick to 1 glass a day.

·         And use olive oil for cooking and dressings, for its memory-protecting polyphenols.

Red meat:                                                           4 times a week or less

Fast food, fried food, and cheese:            less than once a week

Butter or margarine:                                      less than 5 times a week


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